Shuffling the Deck

Card Out as White House Chief of Staff

I find it interesting that President Bush felt that Joshua Bolten's "success" directing the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) warranted a promotion to become White House Chief of Staff.

Bolten CardThis seems like the worst choice for Chief of Staff since President Bartlet appointed CJ Craig, whose experience prior to becoming Press Secretary was doing publicity for Hollywood celebrities. (Yes, I'm a West Wing junkie.)

Perhaps Bolten thought the $9 trillion debt ceiling was a goal? He kept meeting it, despite several increases during his tenure...

Maybe his resumé says, "Continued to meet and exceed goals..."

Everytime Congress raised the bar higher, Mr. Bolten helped the President go even higher.

I know some folks who feel the same way about the limits on their credit cards. It's understandable behavior for a college student, but not so good for someone who claims to be "fiscally conservative".