Powerful Questions to Ponder

Mark's LegMark at YSMARKO has posted some great questions that he used in reflection during a recent sabbatical. (That's his leg by the way.)

Mark says his instructions were to take one question a day, in order, and prayerfully consider it while walking (not sitting) for one hour then stop and journal.

I liked the questions and thought I would pass them along, so here they are:
  • Where is my life going?
  • What do I want life to be like in 10 years (remove all fantasy and projection of anything material from your thoughts and get to the substance of life experience)?
  • What might God be trying to teach me?
  • Am I growing spiritually? Meditate on the fruit of the spirit (do I love more? am I more kind? etc.).
  • What moments in life have been the most pleasurable and God honoring? Revisist these times and reexperience them in your body.
  • What am I most afraid of and what can I discover about myself?
  • What changes am I going to make in life to be healthier in a holistic manner?
  • What can I do to relinquish more control in life in order to become more dependant on God for outcome?
  • What opportunities might this season be presenting me that I am not seeing?
  • If I was to make the gutsiest choice that could benefit my life and family more what would that choice be?
I wish I had the time to prayerfully consider each question. If you have any insights, please share them.