Minimum Wage Update

As reported with great skill by The Goat Rope:
"Late Thursday afternoon, HB 4023 passed the Senate Finance Committee, the third and last major hurdle before it reaches a floor vote. Many observers were skeptical of the bill's chances when it was referenced to three committees in the senate, but evidently strong popular support helped to keep it alive.

Ordinarily hitting the floor is not a positive thing, but this time it is. We're not out of the woods yet, but the major danger now is running out of time before it comes to the floor. This session of the legislature is set to close by midnight Saturday.

Supporters of a fair wage for working people should continue burning incense and votive candles, invoking the Higher Power of their choice, and playing lots of Bob Marley music.

All I know is, if this goes through, the goats are going to be insufferable."