How 'bout them 'Eers?

GanseyCongratulations to the WVU Mountaineers for another successful run to the Sweet Sixteen!

WVU gets a rematch with Texas this Thursday, with the winner going to the Elite Eight. Hopefully, WVU will hit their free throws and win this time.

When they played in November it was a nail-biter that WVU should have won, except that I made some well documented early season mistakes with my seating arrangements. I won't make the same mistake this time.

Did you know that WVU is the only team from last year's Elite Eight that is still in the tournament this year? Not Duke, not UNC, not UConn... none other than WVU.

It is so refreshing to have John Belein coaching such a great team that always seems to get the most out of their ability.

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