Donutbuzz Big Eats Tournament (DBET)

As March Madness begins in earnest this week with the NCAA tournament, Donutbuzz has taken last year's successful National Candy Assortment Invitational Tournament (NCAIT) and transformed it into the Donutbuzz Big Eats Tournament (DBET), not to be confused with the Big East conference.

The tournament will be a monumental battle to determine the tastiest "snackies" and winner of the coveted DBET Championship. The popular Reese Cup won as best candy last year, and this year's diverse field of 32 favorite snackies promises to be even more competitive.

The first 16 snackies have been announced and votes are already coming in to determine the first round winners. The next pairings will feature “snackies on the bubble.”


So without further ado, it’s now time to cast your votes for your favorite snackies in the Big Eats Tournament. To vote, click here.

Feel free to campaign for your favorites or talk some smack "snack" in the comments.