Happy Groundhog's Day

It's February 2nd, and that's a big day in our house. Growing up we always celebrated Groundhog's Day in unique ways.

I remember one year when we even had a Meatloaf in the shape of a groundhog. My brother and I enjoyed using the ketchup as "blood" and pretending we were eating the groundhog from Caddyshack.

Then 9 years ago, the day became even more special when I proposed to Carol, and she said "yes". Some people see Valentine's Day as the most romantic holiday in February, but in our house it's Groundhog's Day.

I appreciate Mom (aka MzDaVinci) making Feb. 2nd such a special day, and Carol (aka Smallest Angel) making every day very special.

I hope everyone reading this has a magical day and enjoys spending the next six weeks of winter with someone you love.