Nun Bun on the Run

Wet BanditsThis may be the most daring Christmas caper since the Wet Bandits had their highly publicized Christmas crime spree several years ago.

Last Sunday, someone broke into the Bongo Java Coffee House in Nashville and stole the world famous Nun Bun.

Nun BunThe coffee shop owner (Mr. Bongo?) believes the perpetrators may have committed the crime because they were angry about the shop displaying the bun, which was named for its resemblance to the late Mother Teresa.

It doesn't look like the police are too interested in tracking down the culprits though. They placed the value of the bun at a whopping $25.

Of course if someone tries to eat the 9 year old cinnamon bun, which was preserved with shellac, they will certainly have a once in a lifetime culinary experience.

Hattip to Bongo Boy