FYI - James Dobson is Dangerous

"I don't know where else to go," one young mother told social worker Sarah Helus, breaking down as she described her headstrong 3-year-old.

"I've tried spanking him with a switch like Dr. Dobson says, but it hasn't been effective," the mother said.

As her son howled in the background, the woman said she had read three of Dobson's parenting books, including "The Strong-Willed Child," several times. They hadn't much helped, but she hadn't lost faith. She begged for a few minutes to ask Dobson how, precisely, she should respond if her son throws a fit in Wal-Mart.
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Hattip to Stephanie Simon.

P.S. Allow me to suggest Circle of Parents,, Healthy Families America, and TEAM for WV Children as better options for parenting advice.