Braves Lose

LaRoche Tagged OutI got to see Adam LaRoche (LaRoche, LaRoche, LaRoche is on Fire!) hit a grand slam, and Brian McCann hit another homer as the Braves took a 6-1 lead in Sunday's Game, before I had to leave and go to a meeting this afternoon. I felt confident that we would be facing another decisive Game 5 on Monday in Atlanta.

However, as I arrived at my meeting, things were getting close with Houston's own grand slam making it 6-5, but the Braves were still ahead. Then at the meeting, I checked the score on my cell phone and the game was tied. (Somehow, I kept my expletives deleted.)

Then through my 3-hour meeting (from 4:00pm - 7:00pm), miraculously the score stayed the same. As the meeting adjourned, and I got back to the car ready to root my Braves on to victory... Houston hits a home run in the bottom of the 18th inning and the Braves lose. To make matters worse, Roger f'n Clemens adds to his "legacy" by pitching in relief.