Ohio Congressional Race

On a bad day, there may be a ray of sunshine...

Ohio ResultsPaul Hackett is leading Jean Schmidt in the Special Election for the U.S. Ohio 2nd District.

This is a district where Republicans have received 70% of the vote, and President Bush won overwhelmingly. It looks like the efforts to paint this veteran as weak aren't working as well as they did last fall.

Go Paul go!!!

(Click picture or here for updated results.)

  • Schmidt 52% - Hackett 48%
  • Darn it! Come on Paul, you can do it!
UPDATE @ 10:19PM
  • Schmidt 50% - Hackett 50%
  • Lets go Paul! Only 870 votes behind!
UPDATE @ 12:05AM
  • Schmidt 59,132 (51.74%) - Hackett 55,151 (48.25%)
Schmidt wins by 3.5%. Paul Hackett wins moral victory, but unfortunately close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

Of course a 3% victory equals a mandate in Republican circles, so I guess it wasn't as close as I thought.

Somehow I don't think we have seen the last of Paul Hackett. His success in this Congressional Race in a very conservative district, bodes well for his future either for state office or perhaps the Senate.