Grandpa's Advice

When I graduated from High School, my Grandfather took me aside to give me some advice.

He said that the secret of his success in life had come after learning one word. It was the key to his success as a community leader (he was mayor of his hometown), in business (as a chemist for Mobay), and as an award winning teacher.

I was very curious, what was this magical word? How could one word hold so much power?

My grandfather told me, "the word is amazing."

Somewhat confused, I said "amazing"?

Grandpa laughed and explained, "before then I always said BULLSH--!"

It was wise advice that I have used countless times since then. It works especially well when someone is telling you one of those "amazing" stories, or as a supervisor when someone gives you an "amazing" excuse.

While discussing politics or religon, I often find myself saying "that's amazing" when I'm talking to those folks who always seem to have "amazing" ideas. You know the ones, President Bush, James Dobson, the entire Fox News Network, Charleston Daily Mail columnists... they all have lots of "amazing" things to say.

Grandpa's advice has worked very well for me, and I heartily recommend it to others. Perhaps, even certain CNN pundits would have been well served to follow my grandfather's advice rather than storming off camera?

Feel free to tell me how you are using this magical word in the comments. You can even call me "amazing", I won't mind.