ESPN 50 States in 50 Days WV Poll

ESPN is doing a nightly feature with stories about sports in each of the 50 states. Next Thursday is scheduled to be West Virginia, and they have posted a poll about WV's most notable sports stars and achievements.

It's an interesting list, with one glaring error - Hal Greer is identified as a football player, when he is one of the best basketball players of all-time.

You don't have to live one block from Hal Greer Boulevard, which I do, to know that Hal Greer was named one of the NBA's Top 50 all-time players. (I've e-mailed, and hopefully they will make the correction.)

The poll is located here, if you want to participate.

It's a shame that the most memorable sports moments are more often defeats instead of victories.

I really hated "West Virginia loses in overtime of regional final against Louisville, blowing 20-point first-half lead (2005)" Why do they feel the need to add the part about blowing a 20-point lead?

The other question that I didn't like was...

(9.) Favorite personality or historical figure?
  • Pearl S. Buck (author)
  • Robert Byrd (politician)
  • Jennifer Garner (actress)
  • Homer Hickam Jr. (author)
  • Don Knotts (actor)
  • Jessica Lynch (POW)
  • Chuck Yeager (pilot)
When you look at who is included in the other state polls, like Tennessee (Davy Crockett), we got shortchanged.

Where are Booker T. Washington, John Henry, Stonewall Jackson, and all the other notable West Virginians? They have to be higher ranked than Homer Hickam (no offense). Heck, George Brett was born in West Virginia, they could have included him.

Oh well, gettin' no respect worked for Rodney Dangerfield, maybe we can get it to work for us.

What do you think? Who was left off? (Hot Rod Hundley) Which option is most outrageous? (Kate Bulger instead of John Kruk, Mike D'Antoni, Hundley, etc.)