When Llamas Attack

LlamaI have never had much luck when it comes to llama's.

As a boy one spit at me at the zoo in Asheville, NC. When we went back a year later, it spit at me again.

Ever since I have despised these "seemingly" peaceful creatures. They are not peaceful. I know the truth.

Today, we had lunch at Amishville, near Bern Indiana, and there were some goats, miniature horses, donkeys, and the dreaded LLAMA!

One was lying down peacefully in the stable, until Jake and I walked up. Then he bolted (Carol says walked slowly, I say bolted!) toward the fence, as Jake and I turned and fled across the field to safety.

Apparently the Amish llama's of Bern Indiana, got the memo. When I am nearby... attack!

UPDATE: Amishville - Asheville. Could it be a coincidence? I don't think so.