Lakewood Church - Discover the Champion in You

The nation's largest congregation, Lakewood Church, has moved into the former arena for the NBA Houston Rockets.

LakewoodThousands Gather to Celebrate Megachurch

Personally, I am not a big fan of "megachurches", and this story makes me uncomfortable. Especially, when I went to Lakewood's website, clicked on their missions page, and found this...


Notice the text, "Need Content".

I humbly suggest that a church with over 30,000 people attending its weekly worship services should have more "content" when it comes to mission ministries.

They have a cool video (scroll to bottom of page) showing construction and renovations of their new building, but I can find very little on their site about what's happening outside the building.

I would be more impressed with a video about "building a new church" with images of people helping meet the needs of the less fortunate in their community.

Lakewood's Pastor, Joel Osteen, talks about "Discovering the Champion in You", but I think Jesus would be more interested in what's happening outside the walls of the church, rather than spending millions of dollars on what's happening inside.


Debbie Houghton said…
Do you even know what is happening on the outside of church? Perhaps Mr. Osteen is creating a "champion" in each of these 30,000 so that they can go out and spread what Joel is preaching and sharing with each one of them. I watched his programs and was moved to tears in seeing his enthusiasm and his words touched my heart. He has given me confidence in knowing "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Christ didn't do it alone, nor can Joel. So perhaps ask those 30,000 what they have done, or better yet -- what have you done????? Joel has a special gift and so what if he has to create and spend money to keep people coming. GOD BLESS YOU JOEL!!!!!