Wednesday Night with Jim & Jake

First up, Wednesday night T-ball practice.

Jake hit the ball hard and had fun again tonight.

SpaghettiNext, what could be better after a hard day of T-ball practice than dinner at Jim's Steak and Spaghetti House?

Jake has been going to Jim's since it was part of his prenatal nutrition program when Carol was pregnant.

It was sad knowing that Jim Tweel wouldn't be there, but it was great seeing his daughter Jimmie still at the door.

During our meal, I couldn't help but appreciate the legacy and significance that one man's life can have. His life set a high standard, but definitely worth striving for.

Jimmie came by the next table over and welcomed some new customers who were in town from Washington, DC, doing some kind of consulting work. They raved about the spaghetti, but especially appreciated the hospitality.

The tradition definitely lives on.

I wish that our church, which shares the same block as Jim's, could earn the same reputation for hospitality. When someone new comes to the church perhaps we should put a new twist on the popular WWJD message - What Would Jim's Do.

As I said before, it's a high standard, but definitely worth striving for.