The Spider and the Fly

Adventus has a interesting post about Karl Rove's comments and the continuing attacks that Bush and company are making on Democrats / Liberals / Leftists etc. RMJ shows the precedents for this behavior and the practice of pitting "us" versus "them" in protecting the position of those in power.
"But now Bush & Rove have run out of enemies. The 'insurgents' in Iraq are as ubiquitous as cockroaches, and as hard to eliminate. With no strong opposition to blame failure on, with no domestic 'enemy' to blame for foreign policy failure (the 'true enemy' must always be domestic, the 'fifth column' that undermines us from within, threatens our resolve, endangers our security. The domestic enemy must always, in other words, be reachable, because the foreign enemy is almost always just beyond our grasp, and certainly not close enough to put a face on. This is America, after all; what care we for foreigners?), Bush & Rove are flailing. So they are trying to generate one."
It's interesting to see the Fifth Column get a mention too.