The Sandlot

Jake BaseballNow starting for the Atlanta Braves...

Jake McKay!

T-Ball (instructional teaching of baseball) started yesterday. Coach Tracy Brumfield from Cabell-Midland High School is coaching.

I like that the focus is on fundamentals and not competing in games yet. The kids started with some throwing, then taking some groundballs, and finished with Jake's favorite past-time: HITTING!

What could be better than swinging a large stick as hard as you can and hitting something with it?

Jake is definitely a fan of the Designated Hitter rule. Instead of ending his major league career as a DH, I think he plans to start his T-ball career as one.

As Bill Murray said in the classic movie, Space Jam, starring the team of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, "Whoa! I don't play defense!"