National Doughnut Day

DoughnutWith vacation last week, somehow I missed National Doughnut Day.

Doughnut Day was established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army to raise much-needed funds during the Great Depression and to honor the work of World War I Salvation Army volunteers who prepared doughnuts for thousands of soldiers. It is celebrated annually on the first Friday in June.

Meanwhile, Wordlab notes here that the Centers for Disease Control has sent a team of specialists to West Virginia to study our obesity epedimic in the same way it studies an outbreak of an infectious disease.

So instead of talking about polio and the health epidemics of my grandparents generation, I guess we will tell our grandchildren about the Obesity Epidemic of '05. "It was horrible... there were doughnuts everywhere!"

Of course the CDC can't decide if it's bad to be overweight or not.

So DonutBuzz, how did we miss such a momentous occasion?