Durbin Digs for More Dirt

Personally, I thought Senator Durbin's recent remarks about prisoner abuse at Guantanamo were not offensive, but his reference to Nazi cruelty provided the conservatives a convenient way to attack the comments without dealing with the reality of what is happening.

"We're not as bad as the Nazi's, so everything must be OK."

Yeah right.

Anyway, I came across this article on the subject and was happy to see that there is at least one conservative blogger who actually has a sense of humor -- as opposed to dedicating his blog to posting plagiarized? rants based on Karl Rove's talking points.

It seems that the Senator has found evidence of unusual treatment of prisoners in a small town in North Carolina. There are even rumors that one inmate has been incarcerated for much of the past 30+ years with no trial and no legal representation.

Unfortunately, just like PFC Lyndie England, one of the jailers guarding the inmate is also a native of West Virginia.

I think we all need to work together and end this as soon as possible. It's time to "Nip it! Nip it in the bud!"