Another Thing that Bugs Me

MovieWhen the movie theater has only two people in it - me and my son, why the @&@^$%! do you feel the need to sit in the seats right in front of us?

This couple of senior citizens should have known better, but they were completely OBLIVIOUS!

Then to make matters worse, they talked during the movie, but since they are hard of hearing they had to keep repeating themselves...

"Those penguins are mischievous."


"Those PENGUINS are mischievous."



"Uh huh."


This was after watching the episode of "Yes Dear" tonight when Greg stands up to former professional wrestler Goldberg after he is making noise in the theater. In the episode Greg is trying to be strong in front of his son.

I kept thinking this isn't going to be a good example for Jake, if I lose my temper and invite the Grandfatherly figure in front of us to step outside.

In the end, I avoided doing a Hulk Hogan imitation, but it would have been satisfying nonetheless.

"Whatcha gone do brotha when the 24-inch pythons run wild on you!"