Universal Studios

A Picture Share!Blogging our vacation to Florida...

Jake is the Cat in the Hat at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure.

The bad news is that Jake and Mom took a tumble between purchasing our tickets and the turnstiles. They slipped and Jake smashed his chin on the bricks.

Fortunately, the First Aid station was close by and they took care of him. We ended up taking our own "back stage tour" of Universal riding a shuttle to a nearby Centra Care Health Clinic. The doctor and nurses took great care of Jake.

Five stitches and 3 hours later we were back at the park. Jake did AMAZING! A 3 inch needle in his chin to numb the pain hardly phased him.

He even got a "free" Cat in the Hat doll, a Spider Man t-shirt, a Spider Man football, a dinner voucher and they turned our one day tickets into 3 day park hopper passes with express line service. Of course it takes some serious Freakonomics to try to make a profit by slipping on the walkway.

On the other hand, Universal will be receiving an invoice for $289 for the cost of the stitches plus the cost of removing them. Based on the 4 other people who visited the First Aid station in the 45 minutes we were there with similar bumps, bruises, scrapes and strains from falls in the same location they are getting a bargain.

While we were waiting, I kept thinking that if I had gone to law school instead of chasing the money of working for non-profit organizations, then I could have paid for the entire three years by representing the steady stream of clients visiting the First Aid station.

Lets see...

Missed day of annual vacation
Cost of medical care
Pain and Suffering
Lifetime Scar on Face
Negligence to clean slick surface and/or post warning despite numerous falls

Yeah, I think the cost of medical care is a bargain.