Let me get this straight, one week ago the religous right celebrated "Justice Sunday" calling Democrats "enemies of people of faith", and today the White house Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, goes on the Sunday talk shows to complain about partisan politics?

Andrew Card says that Democrats should stop complaining and offer solutions, at the very same time that he is complaining about partisan politics and offers no solutions.

Maybe he should take his complaint up with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who threw gas on the fire last week in Louisville and then refused to discuss possible compromise solutions with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

Here's a clue, taking your plan and saying take it or leave it while shoving it down someone's throat is not bi-partisan. I mean really, does that work at home when these guys are dealing with their spouses?

I have a radical suggestion...

Let's try Rock Paper Scissors to decide. At least that game presents three options to choose from. That would at least give some middle ground which would improve the my way or the highway approach the Republicans have adopted.