Desperate Housewives

Sitcom PicsI noticed some time ago that apparently I don't really need to watch my weight after all.

I used to worry if I continue to become an overweight slob that my wife Carol might reconsider her vows.

But now after watching some of the most popular sitcoms on TV, I realize that the happiest couples have a really hot wife (just like my Carol) and an overweight husband with a good sense of humor and a heart of gold (me?).

Just take a look at the stars of "According to Jim" Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith playing the parts of "Jim" and "Cheryl" -- sounds alot like "Jim and Carol" to me. Coincidence... I think not.

Kevin James is with Leah Remini on King of Queens. That other guy (what's his name?) is with the hot girl, Jami Gertz, from the 80's classic Square Pegs on "Still Standing". (Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was a nerd on that show?) Even George Costanza has found love now.

The real Desperate Housewives aren't on ABC Sunday Nights. They're starring in sitcoms.

Thank goodness Carol was equally desperate too. I am a lucky man.