America's Newest Soldiers

SuperherosI thought the President might mention the Department of Defense's latest additions in fighting the war on terror, but he didn't.

If he had, at least there would have been something new. Instead it was more of the same. It had been so long since he took "unscripted" questions, that I forgot how much of a train wreck his last prime time press conference was last year.

Of course while I am screaming at the TV, I have the nagging suscpicion that people across the country are laughing along with every smirk that I find so annoying. I mean, the President still smirks every time he says a foriegn leader's name! I know that was a hang-up in 2000, FIVE YEARS ago, but come on.

And speaking of annoying what is up with the repeated references to "Condi"? Why not say Secretary of State Rice or Dr. Rice? It's a little too cozy for my comfort.