Wabi-Sabi Winners from WVU

Coach Beilein summed it up very well.

"We didn’t lose. My guys are winners tonight in every way except on the scoreboard.’’

I agree Coach. It's hard to call Saturday's game a loss. The team played GREAT!

The Mountaineers played an amazing game, especially shooting long 3 point shots (18 out of 24!) Patrick Beilein even made one practically from half-court.

In the end, Louisville found a way to pull it out in overtime, but not until WVU captured the attention and imagination of the nation.

They are one of the best stories in this year's tournament.

The way WVU played and handled themselves was very Wabi-Sabi.
  • The WVU team was imperfect, but played beautifully, even though individually they were not the most talented players.

  • The WVU team consists of players and coaches who are extremely unselfish, modest and humble. There are no prima donnas on this team.

  • The WVU team is unconventional with their Princeton-esque motion offense and 1-3-1 zone defense.

  • Finally, when a 6 foot 11 inch tall, lanky kid with a name like Pittsnogle shoots the ball as pretty as he does, it is to me the essence of Wabi-Sabi.
What a year! It was full of Wabi-Sabi beauty.

Thanks for such an inspirational season and tournament. I can't wait to see what happens next.


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