More March Madness

If you are still reeling from the Mountaineer's loss to U of L (I feel like pronouncing it, U' aw-ful), then I encourage you to check out the Official 2005 Donutbuzz™ National Candy Assortment Invitational Tournament (NCAIT).

According to the tournament's founder, Donutbuzz. The NCAIT was developed because...
I imagine most Americans would rather watch a tournament involving something that they like and know rather than a sport whose teams and participants they can scarcely identify. And that’s why I invented my very own “National Candy Assortment Invitational Tournament” or “NCAIT” this weekend.

Mr. ReesesThe “NCAIT” is similar to the NCAA® basketball tournament in several respects. Both tournaments feature:

1. 64 playoff spots

2. Arbitrary sites chosen for the regional matches;

3. Subjective designations and seedings of those teams/candies selected for the tournament; and

4. A randomness in outcomes that guarantees nobody with any understanding of basketball, candy and/or gambling will ever predict the winners of more than 75% of the games.

But the key difference between the NCAIT and the NCAA® basketball tournament--and the difference that guarantees that the NCAIT is always accessible (and therefore enjoyable) for everyone--is that the NCAIT uses candies that most everyone not living under a rock knows. And rather than watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, every satellite college game and read every internet site that remotely considers basketball, you can now savor (literally) a competition among great candies!
Now this is a tournament that I can appreciate! Yum!

In a related note, what was the name of the candy store in Erwin near our old house and the football field? I loved that little store. Was it McInturff's or something? That's going to drive me crazy now.