Let's GOOOOO Mountaineers!

NCAA Round 1

Creighton vs. WVU @ Cleveland, Ohio

The game has started...

No audio from the announcers - only the pep band and game sounds.

Tip off -

No one gets it, then tipped to Creighton

Blue Jays go on a 10-0 run,

Coach B calls a timeout.


Commercial break

Audio still out...

'Eers come back go on 8-0 run including a LONG 3 pointer by Pittsnogle

Time out Creighton

WVU scores another basket -- IT'S TIED UP!!!

Back and forth.

WVU holds Creighton - Shot Clock expires on Air ball,

WAIT! The idiot clock operator resets the clock Creighton basket counts and he's fouled.

3 point play old school style, 13-10 Blue jays

Another WVU turnover... UGH!!!!

Creighton makes lay-up and is fouled. 15-10 pending the free throw.