Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Banner

I wish we could be together today. You are the BEST!

Woody'sIf I was there, I would take you to the nicest place in town... Woody's Waterfront Cafe of course.

We could enjoy a great lunch and then get started on some kind of cool adventure. Perhaps a game of putt-putt since that's your favorite. :-)

woody'sWhatever we chose to do, spending time with you would be a great gift for me.

Who cares that it's your birthday, it's all about me anyway, right?

On a serious note, I really wish I could be there. I miss you tons!

Your gift is on the way, and I think you will like it since you hinted for it so subtly. :-)

I wonder what it is?

::::: hint, hint, hint :::::


I L Y M T A L A !!!