Half TIme, 31-33 WVU ahead by 2

Well, after being down 10-0 I guess being ahead at the half is a good thing, but I don't like that Creighton is back in it after being behind by 11 with 3 minutes to go in the half.

WVU didn't score the last 3 minutes and that's a concern.

The lousy missed walking call and shot clock screw-up made a difference too. That was an extra 5 points for Creighton.

It was a streaky 1st half. Whoever has the last run may win the game.

It seems that WVU is a stronger team physically, but Creighton is obviously well coached and is a similar team to WVU. They can score from beyond the 3 point line, so the can score quickly.

Hopefully, WVU's defense can continue to force turnovers, because that was the key to their big runs in the first half.

Coach 'em up good Coach Belein. We need a win then we face Wake Forest in the 2nd round, who struggled at times with UTC today.


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