22-31 WVU


Does the new lime Coke taste good? I haven't tried it yet.

back to the game...

Good look for Patric but he misses the 3,

Creighton ball, another Blue Jay turnover

3:09 in the half

Graphic shows WVU at 55% from 3 point arc, that jinxes Kevin who missses

another turnove in the paint for Creighton

2 on 1 break WVU scores, 22-33 WVU!

Good Defense by WVU until 3 players go for a ball fake and Johnny Mathies scores a layup and is fouled, hits the FT 25-33 WVU

WVU pass out of bounds

Creighton miss shot, WVU rebound

1:28 in the half

Bad pass is intercepted by #24 drives and misses but WVU's Gansey fouls him.

Sinks both Free throws, 27-33 WVU


Creighton WALKS!!!!, but the BLIND REF misses it!!!!!

Then he scores. 29-33 WVU

WVU Misses again, Mathies is at the line, makes 2, 31-33 WVU

.06 in the half

Beilein shoots from half-court at the buzzer, misses barely, 31-33 WVU