Super Bowl XXXIX

Some thoughts about Super Bowl XXXIX...

  • I'm pulling for the Eagles.

  • Carol's rooting for the Patriots because Tom Brady went to Michigan.

  • I do like Troy Brown a lot (he went to Marshall and still lives in Huntington), so I want him to do well for New England.

  • I CAN'T STAND THE TALK ABOUT Belichek being a GENIUS, there's only one true coaching genius and his name is Tom Landry. I remember when Belichek coached at Cleveland and he was NOT a genius then.

  • The commercials seem less interesting this year, I like the Bud Light parachute commercial and the one with the animals going to be clydesdale horses for Budweiser, but otherwise as of half-time they're so-so.

  • Half-time this year was OK. I didn't care for last year and it didn't have anything to do with the wardrobe malfunction

  • Why is it that Super Bowls are numbered with roman numerals?
More to follow...