Name for my Business

I just posted this at WordLab (a website dedicated to naming and branding companies and items) and thought i would post it here too.

I just received word that I have been offered a contract and can now begin my consulting business. I am having trouble settling on a name.

I like the term "WabiSabi" and what it entails for my blog. However, since I will be doing business primarily in West Virginia I think it won't be understood by my customers without a good deal of explanation.

I will be offering consulting for non-profit ordanizations mainly - helping with grant writing, forming partnerships and collaborations, fund development, strategic planning, "friend raising", legislative affairs, media relations, etc.

Most of my clients will probably be organizations working with children and families affected by abuse and poverty, and some school groups.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

I have kicked around several including among others:

"Knotted Pine Partnerships"

In part because my den where my office is has knotted pine and I like the idea of an object's beauty being in its imperfections.

Others that have been suggested are:
"Out of the Box"
"Left Field"
"Collaborative Innovations"
"Quantum Partnerships"
"Unified Diversity"
"Off the Beaten Path"
"Progressive Partnerships"
"Emergent something"?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or what you like from the one's I have listed.