Job Hunting

Job HuntIt's been quite a week... three interviews for three positions. All of them seemed to go well, and it really was fun to meet others who are committed to helping children in West Virginia.

(1.) My first interview was last Tuesday, with TEAM for WV Children. I interviewed for a contracted position as Development Coordinator helping generate support for the organization's many vital programs - each of which is focused on preventing child abuse and neglect.

Highlights from the interview...
  • Having a relaxed conversation with folks who share my commitment to helping children;

  • Meeting with an Executive Director who views teamwork and collaboration as a strength not a weakness;

  • Getting a good natured ribbing from the assistant for the position.
  • My stomach growling (I heard it, I'm not sure if anyone else did.)
(2.) The second interview was last Saturday with the WV Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals (WVAEMSP). I interviewed to become their new Executive Director following the retirement of their long-time director.

Highlights from the interview...
  • Seeing some familiar faces of principals I already know and like;

  • Presenting myself as a strong advocate with a history of success affecting school policy in WV (he's been on "their side" now he's on "our side");

  • Finding out the position pays $6,000 more than I thought.
  • When the first question was describe my experience as a teacher and principal. (I don't have any -- although I think I turned this to a positive later in the interview since my experience is directly related to the Executive Director position.)

  • When the second question was what is my opinion about the impact of recent court rulings on RIF decisions? My response... "Uh, er, well I would need some more information, because I am not familiar with those decisions".
  • Fortunately, the interview improved GREATLY from that point on.
(3.) My third interview was today for another contract position as Development Coordinator with the WV Children's Trust Fund (WVCTF). This position has a strong potential to be inter-related with the TEAM for WV Children position.

Highlights from the interview...
  • Spending more time with folks from TEAM and really digging into ideas for how the WVCTF can grow and in turn provide support for worthwhile programs across WV;

  • Feeling like a combination of Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn from the West Wing, as I answered some of the questions for political strategy and business perspective on philanthropy;

  • In reviewing my references, Laurie (TEAM's Exec. Director) pointed out to the others that they included 2 Board members for TEAM and another who owns the building where we were meeting in her office.
  • Learning that one of the legislative contacts that I mentioned as a resource is the neighbor of one of the interviewers. Why is this a lowlight? Because her neighbor and I dated a long time ago, and let's just say it ended poorly. Will by-gones be by-gones?
All in all it has been an interesting week. I am really hopeful that something will happen in the next week or so before Christmas. It would be wonderful to have something in place that starts after the first of the year, so we can take the family vacation that we have missed for almost two years.