Thanks John

Senator Kerry, you are a statesman who put the country before your personal interest -- saving the country from the legal battles of a candidate who lost the popular vote, but fights for an electoral win through litigation. (Imagine who would do such a thing?) You ran a strong, positive campaign. Unfortunately, the rule of 7 positives to equal 1 negative proved too large to overcome.

Personally, I think you would make an excellent Minority Leader for Senate Democrats.

On the good side, the Daily Show is going to be alot funnier for the next 4 years, plus I will have more material for my blog.

My wife Carol, a registered Republican voter who supported Kerry, is more upset than I am. I told her, "Welcome to the Democratic Party."


Rhett said…
I don't think John Kerry was motivated by some altruistic idea about saving the country from litigation. He gave up because he did not win.

As for the "imagine who would do such a thing" comment. You are right, Bush lost to popular vote in 2000. However, it was Gore that fought for electoral votes through litigation.