VP Debate - Is George Bush Guilty of Malpractice?

Tonight is the night I've been waiting for since John Edwards dropped out of the Presidential Race and became the presumptive Vice Presidential nominee.

I think Edwards will win in a knockout. He is a much stronger communicator than Cheney.

The trial lawyer attack just doesn't fly with me. The success of shows from Perry Mason to half a dozen different Law & Orders demonstrates people are just fine with lawyers.

If Cheney attacks Edwards as a "ambulance-chasing" lawyer, look to Edwards to pounce on behalf of his former clients who suffered at the hands of negligent corporations that were more concerned with money than anything else.

I look for Edwards to press the case of "malpractice" against the failed policies of the Bush administration.

P.S. Keep count of how many times Cheney mentions 9/11 versus Edwards mentioning Halliburton.