Close but not close enough

bravesWell my beloved Braves have completed another season in disappointment losing to the Houston Astros 12 - 3 tonight.

I really thought this year was going to be different. After beating the odds and winning their 13th straight Division title, this year's team seemed different. The young players had enthusiasm that was reminiscent of the 1991 and 1992 teams.

Unfortunately, the bullpen couldn't hold off Carlos Beltran and the other batters - not to mention probably some unseen help fom Ken Caminiti who left this world too early yesterday.

I still can't be too disappointed with this year's team. They proved that they are still kings of the east and they didn't lose to Roger Clemens yesterday which would have been horrible.

Ultimately, the Braves share the legacy of playoff disappointment from their time as the Boston Braves with their distant cousin Boston Red Sox.

Maybe this year will be the Red Sox turn. Defeating the evil empire Yankees would be a very satisfying October.