Debate Expectations

I agree with what I have seen in a couple of places, that the campaigns should stop trying to beat each other at lowering expectations when it comes to the upcoming Presidential Debates.

It sounds like Lou Holtz talking about playing Navy when he was coaching at Notre Dame (and every other opponent his teams played) "Well they're a good team, it will be a real test, yada, yada, yada."

I say let's get a Don King promotion pre-game build up to the debate. I want John Kerry to step up and guarantee victory ala Joe Namath in the Super Bowl.

I say tell Bush what you really think. Just imagine:

In a stunning development on Meet the Press today, Presidential candidate John Kerry looked straight into television cameras with a message for President Bush, "Yes, I am smarter than you and that's a good thing you dumb (BLEEP)!" Kerry continued, "Now when you're ready to debate the future of the greatest country in the world, BRING IT ON, (BLEEP)!"

That would be fun.

Just imagine the conversations that would follow during the Sunday NFL football games.