The Wabi Sabi Weight Loss Challenge

ScaleTo my dismay, this morning I looked at the scale and saw a frightening number... 241.5!?

Yes, dear readers, Wabi Sabi has done got fat. :(

Well, in an effort to put some accountability to my need to lose some weight, and also to do my part for the most important election of my life, I've decided to begin the Wabi Sabi Weight Loss Challenge.

The details -- I am challenging a good friend in the swing state of Florida (and any other voters who are interested) that I can get my weight under 200 lbs. before the election. That is, that I will lose 42 lbs in only 93 days. If I am successful, then my friend who is planning to vote for George Bush will vote instead for John Kerry. That's right one more vote for Kerry!

This will be a real test, but it should be fun trying to make it. Of course it's for a VERY noble cause.

Any suggestions to help me in this important effort are appreciated. Just leave a comment.

Meanwhile, I will keep you posted on my progress toward good health and one more vote in Florida.

P.S. Anyone else who wants to join in the challenge is welcome. Just let me know.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
One word comes to mind - pedicure
Anonymous said…
How is the diet coming?