Wabi Sabi Weight Loss Challenge (con't.)

The Wabi Sabi Weight Loss Challenge is continuing. Although, I am growing crankier each day as my body craves more food and sugar! But, I am beginning to see surprising results so far. According to the bathroom scale I'm down 7.5 pounds!

So far my approach has been eliminating regular soft drinks. (I've had a couple of diet sodas.) Avoiding the Special La Casa at Rio Grande Sunday night (mmm cheese...), managing to resist the 2 Bacon Cheddars for $3 special at Arbie's while making a lunch run at work (I had the Vineyard Salad, which was actually better than I thought.) Finally, I have been drinking lots of water and trying to limit my carbs.

I did give in on a splurge at Baskin Robbins yesterday, which made me happy... then guilty... then satisfied... yum!

Tonight, I even did something really extreme... I exercised. I sped along for 25 minutes on the exercise cycle. I guess it's true, I am a radical after all. : )