My New Favorite Show

Extreme Dodgeball on Game Show Network

You've seen the movie, now it's the real thing... It's EXTREME!

Just check out the teams...

As the Color Commentator, ESPN's "Dream Job" finalist Zach Selwyn Selwyn's says about the teams:

Armed Response: "Have you ever noticed that Rent-a-Cops have a lot of pent up anger? These guys will make you never want to shoplift from the mall."

Barbell Mafia: "Men with no necks are men to be feared. BALCO accusations aside, this is a team that lives, breathes and drinks dodgeball, especially when it's mixed into a syringe and disguised as a protein shake."

Certified Public Assassins: "These are the guys who made you wish that you didn't pick on them in junior high because the guy you called a geek just took your ear off with a 55 mile per hour heater!"

Curves of Steel: "With this team, it's like you're playing the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. You're not really reading about how good they are at this game."

Ink Inc.: "A dodgeball bruise won't scare anyone who is willing to permanently put a tattoo of a dagger on their body."

Silent But Deadly Mimes (SBD): "Everybody loves to throw things at mimes, but who knew they would fight back with a make-up stained ball?"

Stallion Battalion: "Be very careful here. You must fear a team whose eyes are directly at crotch level."

Sumo Storm: "I learned a long time ago to never make fun of grown-ups in diapers. Will they win? Depends!"

The playoffs start this week! CPA's are in First Place, but in Dodgeball the underdog should never be under estimated! : )