Jake's First Political Rally

We had a great time tonight listening to John Kerry's positive vision for America in the picturesque setting in the shadow of the WV Capitol. It was a HUGE success that was alot of fun!

Jake loved the music and waving his flag, not to mention eating two hot dogs and petting a donkey.

Kerry's best moments were when he stopped in mid-sentence and directed medical staff to assist a member of the audience who was in need. He responded to the crisis in a real way that wasn't concerned with his program or remarks. He was genuine and wanted to make sure that the spectator was OK. I sincerely doubt that W. would have even noticed, and I really doubt that he would have stopped his remarks in mid-smirk and effectively directed assistance to deal with the crisis.

Instead at Bush's recent WV rally on July 4th, two people were led out in handcuffs for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts. This in spite of the fact that his visit was deemed an official visit and paid for with tax dollars instead of a campaign appearance. How can expressions on a t-shirt be considered trespassing at an official appearance of an elected official -- especially when pro-Bush t-shirts were in abundance? It's clearly a violation of their 1st Amendment rights. It will be interesting to see if similar actions occur when W. comes to Beckley, WV, tomorrow.