Democratic Convention - Day 2


I remember in Nov. 1976, my mother told me she cast her vote for Jimmy Carter. She said she wanted a man from a small town to be able to reach the Presidency. At the time, my brother Tom was the one with the political aspirations. (We were 9 years old at the time.)

On Tuesday night, a self-avowed "skinny kid with a funny name" Barack Obama gave an inspiring speech. It was easy to see why some have speculated that he may become our country's first black President. He will make a great Senator for Illinois.

His remarks were the highlight of the night as he emphasized the points that our country is the "United" States of America. Our diversity of ideas and as diverse people is part of country's greatest strength.

It was a truly exceptional speech. Obama is certainly an example of the American dream.

Now, almost 30 years after Carter was elected, Barack Obama is an example that I wouldn't mind my son Jake aspiring to follow.

Maybe another skinny kid from a small town can be as successful. Maybe there still is a chance for a boy from a small town to make it to Pennsylvania Avenue...

Nov. 2044 -- "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the next President of the United States of America... Jake McKay!!!"

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