Annual Conference

We just got back from this year's meeting of the Annual Conference of the WV United Methodist Church. It was a time of mixed emotions.

On the positive side it was nice to renew aquaintances with folks like Abraham Mwuara (seen here advocating for social justice against Massey Energy for OVEC.)

It was also good to meet Rev. Joe Shreve who will be joining us in ministry at Johnson Memorial.

The down side was definitely saying goodbye to Pastor John Campbell, Carol's mentor in ministry as he retires to his new home with Anita in Florida.

As he mentioned during his farewell remarks "I'm going to Disney World!" Jake's "Grandpa John" will be missed more than I can say.

The other disappointment was the budget process and the fact that budget cuts were made to many deserving mission projects. Over my objections and others, the Conference chose to cut the budget in response to declining revenue through apportionments and higher health insurance costs.

I hate that the least fortunate are suffering to save money. It grieves me almost as much as John's departure.

More memories and pictures to follow...