The Helicopter Attack

One of the funniest memories has to be the infamous helicopter attack on the road from Erwin to Johnson City. For those who haven't heard, Mom picked Tom and I up from the YMCA and we were going to Johnson City.

At the Y, we had been looking at a helicopter that had landed and was on display. As we drove past Unicoi, Tom and I saw the helicopter flying in the air.

A little while later, around Buffalo Valley golf course, we heard a loud flapping and whooping sound that kept getting louder and louder! The car was almost out of control control, and it was clear to all 3 of us that the unthinkable was happening... THE HELICOPTER WAS LANDING ON OUR CAR!!!

Why couldn't it land somewhere else? Why was it landing on our station wagon?

Luckily, mom successfully steered the car to the side of the road without wrecking. She then jumped out of the car, and we looked on top of the car eager to question the obviously deranged helicopter pilot.

But to our surprise the helicopter was gone. It was nowhere to be found. What happened to it? How did it disappear so quickly?

Well, we figured out the answer to the mystery soon enough when mom looked down and saw that the front tire was flat.

It turns out the helicopter didn't attack us after all. Instead we just had a very memorable flat tire. : )