Primary Day in Tenn.

For those who are undecided, I hope you'll take a look at Sen. John Edwards when you consider your vote in the Primary.

I came across this article which summarizes some of the reasons for my support.

Brian Pruka -- Edwards is everything Bush falsely claims to be and more...

"Can anyone defeat the good ol' boy from Texas?

That is where the guy with the perfect hair comes in.

At first glance John Edwards seems unlikely to be the 'one of us' candidate. He looks too slick, too pretty, too young. But look closer. Read his resume, his Senate voting record and especially his life story (

Edwards can defrock Bush because he is everything Bush falsely claims to be and more. Edwards is the trusted neighbor, the high school football player of working-class roots who put himself through college to become an immensely successful lawyer and U.S. senator whose integrity and intelligence are highly regarded by liberals and conservatives alike.

It has only been a couple of weeks since I decided to vote for Edwards. If I were to vote solely on resume and platform, I'd vote for Dennis Kucinich, who I believe has the best ideas for a safer, fairer, stronger America. But Kucinich isn't winning votes, and voting in 2004 cannot be about 'making a statement.' The only statement I intend to make is Goodbye Mr. Bush.

The clincher for me was imagining each of the Democratic candidates toe-to-toe with Bush on the debate stage. When the astute, optimistic, hard-working, unifying Edwards takes the stage, Bush will clearly be seen as the arrogant, lazy, cynical, divisive, never-had-to-earn-it, class clown phony that he is. Edwards is the perfect foil for the Bush facade."