Nader to Run Again... Ugh!

Well, apparently Ralph Nader's narcissism has risen to a new level, and he has decided to run for President again this year. He made the announcement through Fox News!? the most conservative television news source in the country.

After claiming he wanted to promote a third party in 2000 and running on the Green Party ticket, Nader has even abandoned that purpose to run as an Independent.

Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law at Stanford, and Founder of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society poses a very good question...

"Which has been more harmful to society: The Corvair or its enemy (Nader)?

Lessig's comments: "This man is truly outrageous. The only thing a Nader candidacy would do is increase the chance that Bush will be reelected. This man has become unsafe -- to himself, and to the nation. If he has friends, they should be his friend and stop him from this.

Which got me thinking: If you believe that but for Nader's not withdrawing in the last moments before the 2000 election, Bush would not have been elected (which is true), and you believe that a Bush presidency has caused great harm -- to the nation, to the environment, and to the families of soldiers lost in Iraq (which is also true), then which has been more harmful to society: The Corvair or its enemy?

And what would we say of a car company that released a Corvair again?

And oh, by the way, is it "censorship" to say you should not run, Mr. Nader? No, it is not. It is asking you to do what you have asked corporate America to do for your whole life -- take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. When I hear you explain why you did not cause the election of George Bush, you sound like a tobacco executive. And when you increase the risk of a second term for President Bush, you are behaving worse than an auto executive from the 1960s -- the harm will be the same, but at least profit is taxed.

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