New Hampshire

The Presidential Campaign moves into high gear today with the New Hampshire Primary. After much deliberation I have decided to endorse Senator John Edwards.

His strong 2nd place finish in Iowa has bolstered his campaign, and I think he is in good shape for the upcoming primaries in the South. If he can finish no lower than 3rd in New Hampshire, then I think he may have the inside track to the nomination.

I think Edwards is the best communicator which is greatly needed by our country both for domestic matters and restoring America's respect around the world. Plus, he has a young child about Jake's age and appears to be interested in the next generation more than pleasing the special interests.

Finally, I think he has the best chance to win a couple of southern states including West Virginia in the general election and thereby defeat Bush in the Electoral College AND the popular vote.

Oh yeah, and he has a real plan for helping America succeed. Wouldn't it be nice to have a President with vision instead of a glazed look in his eyes?

New Hampshire voters, Wabi Sabi has made up his mind... vote early and vote often for the next President of the United States, JOHN EDWARDS!!!