I had to laugh...

In church on Sunday when during the Children's Moment the speaker was trying to recognize different mothers for Mothers Day. First there was the mother whose children came the farthest distance, the mother with the most kids, etc.

The funny part came when she tried to determine the oldest mother in attendance. First, she asked all the mothers over 75 to stand and then asked if anyone was over 80. A nice elderly woman on the side said she was "87!" but the speaker couldn't hear her. So the woman repeated even louder "87!" about that time there was also a commotion all the way in the back of the sanctuary where another older lady was standing saying "90!".

Everyone seemed to hear her including the 87 year-old who politely smiled and took her seat, EXCEPT for the speaker who said "What?" Asking the woman to speak louder and she replied "I'M 90!!" Amazingly the speaker still doesn't get it and says what?? And the woman again from the back says "I AM 90!!!" This went back and forth 4 or 5 times before the speaker finally figured it out.

I couldn't help but laugh. If you want to be recognized in our church you can't just be old, but you need to be HEARTY. Apparently, our octogenarians and beyond have to speak up just like anyone else, whether their up to it or not.