What Would Bush Do

A good friend made a great observation today...

Wayne said he was part of a conversation recently about the possibility of war with Iraq. The others were making the comparison to the build-up prior to WWII culminating with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese prompting the US to declare war on Japan.

The question was asked:

"If George W. was President during the attack on Pearl Harbor, what would he have done? (as compared to what's happening now)

Wayne keenly observed that George W. would still want to fight Iraq.

You see, even though Japan was the one who attacked us, we should of course fight someone else. Just as when Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden attacked us on 9/11, the logical next step and solution for Dubya is to attack Iraq?! Even though they weren't the ones who attacked us?

Of course that's not even mentioning North Korea and the apparent growing threat there that is ignored while we focus on an enemy that has already been defeated.