Danger is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Bush administration has identified four criteria that define a potentially dangerous country. These are:

1) Detaining a stock of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.
Hmmm? I wonder whether this is true in the US?
Asking my Magic 8 Ball... "It appears likely".

2) Refusing to sign international treaties.
The US has refused the Kyoto treaty, the Child Work protection treaty, land mine treaties, is trying to circumvent the International Court, and has refused numerous other treaties.

3) Refusing total cooperation with the United Nations.
The US has often done so, for instance when engaging in military activities against UN resolutions or by refusing to pay participation fees to the UN. Not too long ago, our participation in the UN was roundly criticized by the Conservative Right.

4) To have a leader that has acquired power through illegitimate ways.
The US is at least OK with this one... oh yeah, what a second...